Why Are Dogs Scared of Vacuums and What To Do About It – Dogster

Does your dog run and cower when you bring the vacuum out? Or maybe he lunges and barks at the vacuum? Vacuums are among the sounds dogs hate. Professional dog trainer Marj Ediger explains why dogs are scared of vacuums and what to do about it.

Why Dogs Are Scared of Vacuums?

Vacuums are loud, have a strange odor and are large moving objects inside a dog’s home, explains Marji, which is why dogs bark at vacuums. If you think a vacuum is loud, imagine being a dog. They hear high pitches, that humans can’t, coming from vacuums and other loud appliances. Their barking or cowering is a fear response. In fact, this UC Davis study found that sudden, loud noises are a top trigger for fearful behavior in dogs.

For some dogs, the unpredictability of a moving vacuum may kick in their herding tendencies.