Non-stop Line Harness 5.0 – An Honest Review

When it comes to phenomenal harnesses? The Non-stop Line 5.0 harness should be included in any line up.

Non-stop specialise in sporting harnesses for dogs – their origins actually come from their own dog who was a Ski-joring dog, for whom they couldn’t find the right fit of harness for the sport! This resulted in a different harness, namely the “Free motion” but, the Non-Stop Line harness has benefited from all of the Non-stop crew’s dog knowledge – and it shows.

This norweigian brand has been one on my horizons for a long time, so when I embarked upon the mission to give you the best insights into all the best dog harnesses on the market? The Line 5.0 simply had to be reviewed.

This is not a sponsored post, however, this harness was provided free of charge by Non-stop in order for me to review!

Introducing The Non-Stop Line Harness 5.0 Harness

line harness 5.0 dog harness

Pros & Cons

A longer-bodied, y-shaped harness that’s well padded, beautifully constructed, hard wearing and highly reflective. This harness is a real contendor for pretty much any dog. Lightweight and strong, and yet totally versatile.


Three Points Of Attachment

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What I Love About The Non-Stop Line Harness

Three attachment points

I love this because it shows how well non-stop have designed this harness. It has the more typical “two points” on the harness, one on the back behind the shoulders and one on the chest (which I love for teaching a loose leash) but there’s a little loop on the bottom of the harness – and get this – it’s for a long line that’s meant to trail – this means your line won’t get tangled in your dogs legs – talk about a winner!

Whilst it’s a slim benefit and something only a few people will use? For them it’s wonderful.

That said – you could use this for training recall too…

Super reflective with great coverage!

I’ve been astonished at how reflective this harness is, and the fact that it reflects at all sides (including the tummy!) means that it’s maxmising visibility absolutely, and it reflects pretty much even the smallest fraction of light and lets your dog glow like a christmas tree – talk about making them easy to find.

I love this feature, honestly. For road walking? This harness will keep your dog as safe as can be.


Honestly, this harness shocked me a second time (the first being just how reflective it was) with just how light it is. It weighs XXXXX, which is meagre. but it doesn’t compromise strength at all, nor is it totally spartan – which is incredibly surprising that it achieves everything that, say, the Ruffwear Front Range does, but even lighter than it does.

Narrow-Chest strap

I know for some breeds, they can struggle with the width of the chest strap or plate (such as the broader chested Ezydog x-link harness), but the line harness has a narrow chest strap! But unlike other narrow strap harnesses, this is padded. Which is a pretty unique feature amongst the harnesses I’ve tested so far.

Wonderfully padded

This must be the most padded harness if we consider a structure:padding ratio. There’s no edge left on your dog’s body. The only thing that’s not padded? Are the adjustable side straps.

Lucy was my test subject for this harness, and, she has the most sensitive skin of all my dogs, and can create a welt on herself very easily. But, the unique design of the Line Harness is something that Lucy was very comfortable and we didn’t experience any rubbing or chaffing in months of wear and miles of running.

So, if your dog struggles with harnesses chafing? This may well be perfect for your pupper.

Long Body

I love, love, love the freedom of movement that long body harnesses offer! The idea here is that we pull the girth strap away from the back of the shoulder and push it further down the rib-cage.

The reason this is done is to enable full shoulder motion on a long-stride, which can only ever be a good thing, right? I mean, whilst we want to keep our dog’s neck safe, we also totally want to ensure that that doesn’t compromise their movement – and this harness, truly does not.

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What I Don’t Love About The Non-Stop Line 5.0 Harness

Lack of adjustability

It does only have side adjustment points. Meaning that it’s only around your dogs chest that you can adjust.

This said, it does come in 10 sizes to make up for the lack of adjustability, it just means that this may well be a harness you hold on frm buying until your dog is fully grown. So, big tip here, make sure you measure your dog, and if you’re not sure? Conact them! They’re super friendly.

It’s not cheap!

It’s a pretty expensive harness at a ‘standard’ cost of $69.99 which is pretty pricey for a harness. Whilst you could argue that it would be a replacement for two or more harnesses of lesser value, it’s still not cheap, it costs the same as the ruffwear flagline – which is a lot of harness and may offer you more than the line harness does… but it’s a very individual thing.

Relatively easy to slip

I wouldn’t trust an escape artist dog in this harness for long at all, because the fact that it is a longer body, nicely padded, and doesn’t go behind the floating rib of your dog, this means that – acutally – they’ve got more opportunity to wiggle out of it that a harness with a shorter body.

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Do I Recommend Non-Stop Line 5.0 Harness?

The Non-Stop Line 5.0 Harness is likely the most versatile harness I’ve had the pleasure of testing, and I’m not overstating this at all. Ensure you measure your dog and pick the right size for them, make sure they’re fully grown (or it may get expensive to replace them every few weeks), and ensure that it fits comfortably – because this harness could genuinely see you through your dogs

Given it’s long body, it’s strength, but it’s practicality with padding and front-attachment points this is one of the most versatile harnesses you could buy.

The only things this harness is not appropriate for is true hard, pulling sports such as canicross of skijoring, and escape artists!

Not sure the Non-Stop Line 5.0 is for you, or would you like to find the perfect leash to go with this? Why not go see how it ranks compared to other harnesses?

Author, Ali Smith

Ali Smith is the Positive Puppy Expert, dog trainer and is the founder of Rebarkable. She is passionate about helping puppy parents get things right, right from the start. To help create a puppy capable of being a confident and adaptable family member and keep puppies out of shelters.

Ali has won multiple awards for her dog training, and has had her blog (this blog!) rated as 2021 & 2022 worlds’ best pet blog!