Feather Stars (crinoids) and their look-alike camouflaged shrimp!!

fish  - Feather Stars (crinoids) and their look-alike camouflaged shrimp!!

So you know how some people look like their pets? Well one could say that the same goes for crinoids and their shrimp! Tiny little commensal crustaceans that live camouflaged and hidden among the feathery arms and striking colors of a crinoids’ arms! Presumably, the crinoids provide some protection from predators. This one for example in stunning green from Nudi Falls in Sulawasi… Image by “EcoDivers1” Another green one (identified as Laomenes cornutus) from the Philippines. Image by “MatYie_00” (Mohd Syukri Mazlan) Here is a nice little video about how crinoid shrimp VANISH along with their host.. crinoid shrimp from Steve Clark on Vimeo. Blue and orange! Identified as Periclimenes amboinensis by the photographer. Image by “avloetscher” A blue/yellow one.. by “funseadiving” Can you find the yellow shrimp? (Perilimenes commensalis) Yellow and purplish! from Indonesia. Image by “FrogfishPhotos” A zebra colored one.. Identified by the photographer as Periclimenes. Image by “PacificKlaus” Another one with the same color from the Philippines. Image by “scubaschnauzer” A video of a similar colored one from Japan and sometimes clingfish (Fiji) get in on the action! Image by Mark Atwell. AWKWARD!! (great moment from Sulawesi) Image by “Christian Loader” Hopefully, next week I will be able to put together a PROPER post for you guys! Seeya then!